Recently, my young son came up to me. He had seen my old uniform hanging in the closet. He asked me, 'Daddy, are you a warrior?' and I didn't know how to respond to him". It was this moment that Vardan Hovhannisyan describes as the turning point when he knew he needed to return to the archive footage he shot during the Karabagh war. In "A Story of People in War and Peace" Vardan tries to find the people he shared a trench with twelve years ago to speak with them again today. Vardan's intimate conversations with the people he finds raise the ultimate questions about the human costs of war and how it changes ones life forever. More importantly it seeks to find out how they are surviving in peace. "The film combines strong and unique archival war footage from the trenches of a 20 meter battlefield with the human and touching stories of the survivors who are now living on in peace time. Twelve years later I had the opportunity to follow them over a year-long shooting period and was able to create a very close and intimate portrait of their lives and their universal stories", Vardan Hovhannisyan.

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