ilitary investigator, Michael Stone quickly finds himself out of his depth, when he arrives in tropical Puerto Rico to investigate the murder of a British priest. Disillusioned with the shoddy police investigation, Stone vows to locate the murderer himself. Working with local guide Maria Gonzales, a woman with her own secrets who finds his street detective skills brutal and thuggish but effective, Stone uncovers a bloody drug Cartel at the heart of the island. Soon Stone's tangled investigation takes an oddly personal turn as the Cartel rush to silence him. Maria discovers that Stone has been suspended off the army back in the UK - so why is he really here, and what is his connection to the murdered priest? As the full force of the Cartel crushes in on Stone, he almost loses everything. Everything, that is, except a wrathful desire for violent revenge... Tonally: A gritty and visceral "Taken" meets "Get Carter".

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