iane goads over Sam the fact that she is dating other men, namely Chad. Sam doesn't seem to care, but does. They have a battle of who can bother who the most by Diane's act and Sam's reaction. Meanwhile, Norm has added financial counselor to his resume and has made a tidy profit for one of his grateful clients. The gang at the bar all want in on Norm's next big investment opportunity, but he is reluctant to even tell them what it is as business and friendship don't mix. Easily plied with free beer by Sam, Norm does reveal his next investment: Tan 'N' Wash, a combination tanning salon, coin operated laundry. Despite being skeptical, Sam, Diane, Cliff and Carla all buy in fearing losing out on Norm's winning streak. Despite moving into the winter season when people are searching for an easy tan, the timing may not be quite right as Boston is experiencing an Indian summer. The questions become whether the four nervous investors will weather the financial storm, whether Norm will indeed let them out of their investment, and whether their friendship can survive the ill feelings stemming from the possibility of each losing their entire investment.

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