ddie and Carla's wedding is off because Mama LeBec doesn't approve of her intended daughter-in-law. Eddie can't go against Mama, and Carla is pissed off at Eddie for not doing so. But the person who seems most upset is Rebecca because it will look badly upon her if Evan Drake, her boss and unrequited love, shows up to a wedding reception with no bride and groom. Sam assures Rebecca he can get the wedding back on track so that the reception will happen, but will do so only on the condition that they lose the uniforms. Rebecca reluctantly agrees. Sam does a juggling act, maneuvering all the players back into place, hoping to convince Eddie that he loves Carla, and hoping to make Carla forget about being mad at Eddie. Those are not the only obstacles, another being the church backlog and the need to get married by 4:00 for their superstitious planets to be in alignment. At the end of the day, Carla receives what she believes is a sign regarding whether their superstitions are the cause for all their problems.

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