et around the Miami Grand Prix, the episode starts out with a young 17 year old hooker called "Florence Italy", being picked up by one of the racers in the Grand Prix, he then races around Miami attracting the attention of Crockett and Tubbs, a chase ensues where the Porsche 906 Carrera eventually escapes Crockett and Tubbs because the young hooker had been thrown out of the passenger seat at speed and killed. The Vice cops follow up on the car and find it belongs to a Danny Tepper, Crockett and Tubbs track down Danny and question him, they feel he is telling the truth when he says that he didn't do it and hasn't been near his car for days. Castillo sends Crockett and Tubbs undercover as potential sponsors in the race to find out who did murder Florence, after sweeps around they begin to suspect Danny's father Frank, while sweeping the street that Florence got into the car, Rico comes across a diner that has a security CCTV system, Tubbs gets the tapes from the night Florence was last seen alive and it is seen on there, that Frank was the one driving the car and then go to arrest him. After winning the Grand Prix, Frank pulls in his car to see that several police officers are moving in on him, so he drives off and makes another chase, but after several twists and turns, his luck runs out and he crashes the car into a wall.

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