n the opening gambit, Mac takes a diplomatic case during an criminal hand-over, and outsmarts he armed fiends making use of the site, a car demolition junk-yard, which almost ended fatally 'depressing' for him. - In the main story, the Pentagon lost an airplane carrying weapons, including a secret canister, over Burma (SE Asian, bordering Thailand) and Mac accepts the search mission. The region in the 'Golden Triangle' is controlled by the sinister war lord general Nairan, whose goons terrorize the rural villagers to work poppy fields for his opium - and arms trade. Mac observes the abusive overseer Truang at work, gets the brave teen boy Chan to show him the crash site but is captured by surprise; Nairan orders him slowly executed 'as an example', bound on a rack in the sun. Chan's sister Lin is too scared for reprisals -whole villages were brunt down for disobedience- to help, but Chan gets him a stolen army knife. In no time crafty Mac frees himself, overcomes his guard and his relieve, and using the supplies from the plane in his unique way chases the local goons. The villagers fear this can only bring Nairan's wrath on them, but after delivering the canister to the pick up-helicopter, Mac returns to teach them to set up an elaborately improvised warm welcome for the heavenly armed opium harvest convoy, also a chance for Lin's lover Ming to show his brave side...

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