hree days after Leland's death following his confession to having killed Laura Palmer while under the control of the evil spirit Bob, Sarah tries to adjust herself to this turn of events with Cooper's consultation. As Cooper prepares to leave Twin Peaks with the Laura Palmer case closed, a new twist comes when Roger Hardy, an agent with FBI Internal Affairs, and a Canadian Mountie, named Preston King, show up where Cooper gets suspended by the FBI for his unauthorized actions in Canada, and Mountie King reveals that Cooper's rescue of Audrey Horne from One-Eyed Jacks ruined a sting operation the RCPM set up to arrest Jean Renault in which the drugs used were found in Cooper's car. Meanwhile, Norma's mother, Vivian, leaves town after revealing that she's the M.T. Wentz that everyone talks about and the one responsible for the bad review of the Double R Diner. Hank also takes Ernie Niles to One-Eyed Jacks where they meet with Jean Renault who wants them to traffic some cocaine for him. Elsehwere, Big Ed and Dr. Jacoby persuade the vice principal of Twin Peaks High School to enroll Nadine as a student to satisfy her delusion that she's still in high school. Also, Bobby unsuccessfully tries to blackmail the distraught Ben Horne with the incriminating tape of him talking with Leo, while Audrey gives Bobby some advice about how to confront her father.

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