ooper and Sheriff Truman arrest Leland after he confesses that he was the one who murdered Jacques Renault in his hospital bed as well as the one who attacked Dr. Jacoby that night under the delusion that he was protecting Laura. Andy asks Dr. Hayward about taking a sperm test to see if he really is sterile. Hank Jennings asks Norma to spruce up the Double R Diner when news circulates that a shadowy travel writer and food critic named M.T. Wentz, whom no one has ever met, may be coming to Twin Peaks. Meanwhile, Jean Renault delivers a videotape of the captive Audrey to Ben Horne and demands a $100,000 ransom for her return and he wants Cooper to be the drop-off man. Upon returning to One-Eyed Jacks, Renault murders Emory Battis for treating the captive Audrey badly. Cooper asks Truman to help him with investigating Audrey's kidnapping. Donna continues to meet with Harold Smith who shows her Laura Palmer's secret diary which she gave to him for safekeeping, which increases Donna's interest. Josie returns to Twin Peaks claiming to have been in Seattle on business where she learns from Pete that Catherine died in the sawmill fire. Jose also refuses to give Trueman an explanation about where she was during this time. Also, a mysterious Japanese businessman, named Mr. Tojamura, checks into the Great Northern Hotel. The mysterious Asian man, identifying himself as Jonathan Lee, Josie's cousin from Hong Kong, meets with Josie and informs her that her job in Twin Peaks of collecting the insurance from the sawmill fire is nearly done and that their boss wants them back in Hong Kong soon. Jonathan also beats up Hank Jennings for threatening Josie.

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