en helps Dawson go back to the psychiatrist, Dr. Rachel Weir, whom he ran away from. Dawson still thinks that the whole idea of sharing his thoughts with a complete stranger is weird, but he is surprised with how much he learns from it. Back home in Capeside, Dawson has to handle the problem with his father's will, which does not include baby Lily. Meanwhile, Joey is working on a project with Professor Wilder about old love letters written by an obscure writer, and with a little help of Audrey's audition videotape for "The Real World: Ibiza," she manages to catch something not one of the fellow students caught. Also, Pacey confronts Karen about the risks she is taking for having an affair with Danny, but she refuses to listen to him. Later, Karen is hurt when Danny's wife shows up at a dinner party the restaurant holds, and he completely blows Karen off.

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