ow Michael and Ben are officially filing for foster care over Hunter, the kid's foul language and shameless attitude, even parading in his undershorts at any hour, worry Mikey, who even tries his hand, corrected by Ben, at flower arranging when reading a social worker may turn up at any time for a surprise visit. Alas his own ma Deb's excessive, bossy mothering all the time, compensating uncle Vic's moving out precisely to enjoy some privacy with his lover, builds up additional stress constantly, till it erupts in an embarrassing shouting match while the social worker is let in by Hunter in Y-fronts; fortunately she recognizes a row in a loving family from experience. Emmett finds living with the lesbian couple hasn't nearly enough pros to compensate for the lack of privacy which drives him and his pick-ups to the nastier places in town, even trying Hunter's whore-experienced advise. Mel was confident to get Jennette and Anna custody, but then a gay-bashing judge is assigned to the case, yet she refuses to cede first chair to firm partner Larry. Justin sticks with Cody Bell's though Posse profile, even though the violence drives members away, and clearly feels Brian, who fortunately can handle a cocky taste during love-making, isn't impressed in any sense. However a visit to a gay-bashing preacher reinvigorates his fighting spirit. Brian is about to win clients over, but a $20,000 account transfer problem may cost him his financially still indispensable best account, so he drags 'opera singer' Ted from group therapy to set his former employer's accountancy incompetence right, actually better ego-therapy, but is that enough to accept becoming Kinnetics' full-time accountant?

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