ow a patient of Dr. Mohammed in Padworth secure psychiatric hospital, serial killer Linda Cummings sends Boyd a severed finger and a note,'Whatever Happened to Sandra White?' claiming that patient Sandra and a doctor named McCarthy were murdered. Grace is going into hospital for a cancer operation but she warns Boyd to ignore the manipulative Linda as it is a mind game. He ignores her, taking her locum, Jackie Cochran to see Linda who, unnervingly is well-informed of his private life. Eve proves that McCarthy was murdered and his suicide faked whilst Sandra's corpse is unearthed in the hospital garden. Dr. Mohammed - who clashed with McCarthy over Sandra's treatment, pairing her with a boyfriend,fellow patient David O'Neal, had actually told Boyle that Sandra left the hospital and head nurse Penny Cain and security chief Welch support him. Linda, however, tells him that he will be dead in twenty-four hours.

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