ix years after the murdered corpse of an unknown young man was discovered in a reservoir Eve identifies him as medical student Karl Barclay. Karl's father Gideon takes the news stoically but his wife Lisbetta is superstitious and disturbed and sees her son as having brought Beelzebub into the family when he converted to Islam. Karl's younger brother Jakob and ex-girlfriend Naz speak of a letter Karl sent Naz before he disappeared but Eve believes it is a forgery and the team is also amazed to learn that Karl's body was cremated only days after its discovery. Lisbetta has buried several of Karl's belongings in the garden,including a train ticket to Manchester and a photo of Karl with his Muslim friends. She is hysterical when they are unearthed and later stabs Gideon,claiming that she killed Karl too. Sarah finds out that Karl's name was on a watch list of suspected terrorists,again probably due to his mother's paranoia.

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