atthew Stone, a techno wiz whose company is one of the biggest, is shot on his balcony by an unusual projectile. They find a bug in his apartment and learn that the company CEO planted it, because Stone had cancer and he wanted to make sure he didn't reveal anything confidential. They also learn someone sent him a text telling him that his time is running out. They trace the text to a protester who believes is the epitome of corporate greed. She denies sending the text. They later learn that Stone changed his will to include his former partner. They learn that Stone was developing a new weapon that could have been the one that was used to kill him but CEO claims all of the weapons are accounted for. But when someone who's trying to rob a place has the weapon. During the gun fight, the weapon backfires. With the weapon they were able to determine where the shooter was when he shot Stone. They discover that it's the partner but he reveals the reason behind killing Stone which leads other discoveries.

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