ontractor Karl Lampley reports he found Brenda Hall (39), killed bled to death by four raging nail gun hits. She was the ex of construction site owner Gary Hall, who claimed not to know what she was doing there. Brenda had sabotaged both his divorce and future wedding plans with Charlene Hartford (his live-in, former secretary). The fight was long and bitter and Brenda was financially wrecked. Ryan was called, his 13th consecutive day, as Eric failed to respond, again. An answering machine message incriminated Gary, whose skin was found under Brenda's nails (according to him after 'ex-sex') but her apartment had only traces of a fight. However, the answer machine message was left when he was leaving his ten year-old son Lucas's baseball game. The message turns out to be edited from five separately recorded messages, framing him. The fatal nails don't match the gun at the site. A fingerprint on the answering machine points to the contractor, who had a violent record. When Ryan searches his trailer, a nail gun hits him nearly in the eye and Eric rushes him to hospital. Upon his return another nail gun is planted there, the missing murder weapon. $5,000 cash found its way from the dispenser to Karl, from the Hall(s), as Gary only gave proxy with that limit to Lucas, but exactly how, why and with which results is a whole twisted story.

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