husband who finds his wife in bed with a young hunk pulls his revolver and chases him to the marina; when he starts the yacht's motor, the water colors red from a floating corps. The victim was killed earlier in a car hit with a black Mercedes, which is leased by the agency J.A. Models for its rising client Jason Hollings, who recognizes the mutilated victim's picture as his colleague Steve Dixon, says Steve used steroids and was loaned the car to date agency employee Abby Biggs, against the firm's rule not to date clients; her panties were in the car, but she claims Steve was allergic to steroids. After examining an incident with a tiger, his murderer confesses. Then Latino model Cody Lane is found dead, probably pushed from a balcony; he slept with the agency's senior partner Janet Sterling. There are striking links with the first murder investigation. They weren't the first dead J.A. models, none other by the hand of the arrested killer, and it's not the latest victim of the plot... Meanwhile Nick Townsend is back, having started a company, hired by Miami for crime scene clean-up, and turns the restraining order tables on his ex Natalia.

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