oll booth girls report a bloody bill with the message "he's going to kill me" handed from a sports-car, unidentifiable on video because of a photo-shield. At a beach jetty down that motorway, Leslie Anderson's corps is found with traces of handcuffs and struggle fitting the girl in the car, but Leslie was asphyxiated two days earlier and has clay tile mortar traces as used in old buildings, like the abandoned one next to the restaurant mentioned on a valet parking ticket recorded on the sports-car's toll video. There are struggle signs, but the only man present, Mercedes-driver Tommy Boyer, was just looking for his fiancée Jill Gerard, missing since two days. The safe contains serial killer trophies, including pictures of Leslie and Natalia's sister Anya Boa Vista, not seen for two days by her roommate since a photo-shoot with a man fitting the profile who promised her a magazine cover. The press is shown all other pictures, apparently taken willingly, immoral TV reporter Erica Sykes makes Anya's public. Ryan traces the photos to model photographer John Stockman, whose DNA proves he had sex with a victim model. Anya phones in panic too short to trace, to her answering machine with the voice Ryan recognizes as Gavin LaPorte, a photography assistant working on the same set as Stockman, once acquitted of a rape charge. Boyer gets an out of character break-up letter from Jill; Ryan traces the logo to Bill Starr's car dealership, where he finds the killer's sports car, with Anya's blood; Starr has the owner's address: a yacht, where Jill is tied-up alive, but killer and Anya are gone. Then Alexx proves someone lied big time...

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