he team investigates the murder of a woman at a Marine's home. They assume she's his wife but when the man arrives he says the woman is not his wife. They learn she's a grifter who saw the wife was not there so she broke in and was in the process of robbing the place when she was killed. Ducky finds something on her body that appears to be a calling card. McGee thinks Delilah might know what it is. He calls her and she says that it's the calling card of a terrorist she's been hunting but the agent she works with won't let her say more. Gibbs tracks down where the man is staying and they wait for him. But it's Delilah who shows up with other agents. They learn just how much she knew about the man but the agent won't let her say. They try to find the man, while McGee tries to work things out with Delilah.

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