ike is arrested for questioning about Mrs. Huber's murder by police after Lynnette shares her suspicious about him. Susan, refusing to believe the accusations, gets Mike freed by claiming that they were together the night of Mrs. Huber's disappearance, but later feels betrayed when she learns about Mike's criminal record. John's roommate Justin attempts to blackmail Gabrielle with his knowledge of their affair by becoming her new gardener. Tom has a shot at the VP promotion the Scavos wanted, but Lynette fears that with the more responsibility and longer hours, she'd be home alone with their four wild and out-of-control kids more than ever and tries to discourage him in taking the job, or else... Bree is shocked to find a condom, and even more so when she learns it belongs to Rex nor Andrew, but Danielle, so she turns to John. Zach's pool party for the teens on Wisteria Lane gets out of hand when Julie attends and sees another side to Zach while John has a talk with Danielle about his reluctance to have a relationship with her. Unexpected persons are "outed" in their sexuality when Susan catches not Danielle with Zach but Andrew and Justin naked in the pool.

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