om and Lynette have a small limousine problem when he attempts to give her a night to remember for their ninth wedding anniversary. Gabrielle gets a new boyfriend: Victor Lang, who is 15 years older than her... and wealthy. He is running for mayor of Fairview. Meanwhile, Edie's 9-year-old son, Travers, comes to Wisteria Lane, and Carlos ends up babysitting for him after the irresponsible Edie goes off on another night on the town. While Bree leaves town for a few days, Danielle reveals to Orson and Andrew that she's pregnant from her tryst with Austin who is trying to win Julie back. Orson forces Austin to leave town for good while agreeing to look after Daneielle. Mike also learns that Ian has proposed to Susan and faces off against him in a one-on-one card game for Susan's affections. In an unusual twist, Steven Culp narrates this episode as Rex Van De Kamp from beyond the grave.

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