ree and Orson are going on their honeymoon to Bermuda. But at the airport, Bree sees her runaway son, Andrew, on the public TV featured as a homeless teenager in which Bree wants to cut short their honeymoon to go look for him, against Orson's protests. After Bree unsuccessfully tries to get Andrew to return home, Orson later meets with the troublesome youth and, despite seeing the abrasive sociopath Andrew still is, persuades him to return home by relating to his inner rage and hostility. Meanwhile, Gabrielle and Lynette plan a weekend at a posh health spa while Tom is going on a camping trip with the wild and crazy kids. But Lynnette's quiet weekend is also cut short when Tom phones with an emergency and she has to go to him. But things turn for the worse when Nora arrives and insists that she tag along with Lynnette. At the spa, the lonely Gabrielle runs into her former flame, John Rowland, who's now a rising landscape designer, but regrets a one-stand with him in the morning when his fiancée shows up and nearly caches her. Susan goes on a quiet romantic getaway with Ian at a remote mountain cabin. But as usual for the klutzy Susan, things don't go as planned. Plus, she is still insecure about if she's cheating on Mike who's still comatose. Julie has another run-in with Austin McCann, whom she allegedly cannot stand but finds herself strangely attracted to as Edie notices.

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