weet Leon found a way to celebrate Ella's 440th birthday with a candles cake, and organizes a celebratory night to which he invites Tom and even Malachi -who does a great job toying with her and Thelma's mind- out of gratitude he spared her life, but she rudely runs away wining she's too old to celebrate and can never start a loving family life with a mere mortal. Her cab driver turns out to be 'friend of the family': scary archangel Raphael, who came to put her in her place after failing once to kill Malachi and reminds her there is little truth in the Bible, except that God is vindictive. On her morbid morgue prowl of Lesbian lust, Thelma meets Maya Robertson, a more recent undead girl, and resolves to help her come to terms with their state. When Malachi cruelly tells Leon in the dining hall he's just not playing at the same level, therefore just 'warming up' Ella for him, who spared his life being drown to him, not the other way around, the kind boy can't control his fists and is suspended for a week, according to the diabolical plan, so Malachi can court unhindered, taking her to a 1928 Berlin club where he is reminded of his hard-fought destiny by a superior one of whose names is Mephistopheles. Loyal lover Leon convinces Thelma to help him tail Ella, fearing she'll lack the guts to strike. Instead Raphael promises him help to level the sides, by transporting Leon there and then, albeit in a particularly perilous position to witness her being seduced; yet just that sight...

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