n London, two teams are formed and prepare their operations, destined as adversaries. Michael 'Mickey Bricks' Stone is out of jail after two years for an unrelated offense; everybody knows he will do at least once more what he's good in, in fact the best in Britain: the intricate 'long con', always prepared by his American associate Albert Stroller, who finds and gains the confidence of a wealthy mark; their other known cahoots are Ash Morgan and Stacie Monroe. Meanwhile in the police force, a new man is stepping in as new head of the task force to catch them; his failed predecessor, DS Terri Hodges, fills him in on the findings, and Mickey's correctly presumed next target: businessman Peter Williams. The scam this time is to pretend a computer delay of under a second allows the 'investors' to earn a fortune on oil company Vestron's stock just before it rises as a consequence of its annual report, then pull the plug and run with the 'seed money'. A surprise element, however spotted by the police, is young short con- artist Danny Blue, who skilfully forces his way into Mickey's team after being refused a cut when he just asked for a chance to learn from the masters. The police already has a case against him, and offers him his freedom if he stays in the scam to spy and testify afterward. Things work out differently, because of another scam...

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