he team stumbles upon two objects floating in space. They look like two life pods. Inside are a man and a woman in stasis. Dr. Beckett quickly concludes the bodies are too old to be revived. When Weir approaches one of the pod an energy burst hits her and she faints. After regaining consciousness, she is not herself anymore. Her mind is taken over by the woman in the pod, Phoebus. She tells she's from a race of explorers that were attacked by the Wraith. When she lets Weir take over for a second, she tells the imprinting of Phoebus will only last for a few hours. Weir agrees with a special favor of Sheppard for her. Phoebus suspects her husband is in the other life pod and she would like to say goodbye. Reluctantly Sheppard agrees to get imprinted with the mind of the man.

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