he BAU heads to the Los Angeles, California area, where two women, in separate incidents, were found murdered within a day of each other, each found in their own home with no sign of forced entry, both single, and both having died of asphyxiation from being wrapped pre-mortem by a regular household item like a blanket or rug. By the time the team arrives at the Los Angeles FBI field office where they are basing their investigation, a third dead body with the same victimology is discovered. From surveillance footage at the third victim's apartment complex, the team believes the unsub is either masquerading as an FBI agent or truly is one. When the team determines that he is only masquerading as one, but that he needs to gain the confidence of his victims by real world events, they decide to set a trap for him that is potentially dangerous for the public. But in doing so, they, in the process, learn of an unfortunate real life tie to the agency. Through it all, Morgan can't help but worry about a text he received from Savannah before the team left for Los Angeles in her need for them "to have a talk".

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