he New Orleans Police Department believe there is a serial killer on the loose in the French Quarter. He murdered three people pre-Katrina, in which he had been thought to have perished. A year and a half after the hurricane, a fourth dead body is found, killed using the same MO, which includes evisceration. Garcia locates a fifth potential victim in Galveston, Texas, that case which was not originally connected to the New Orleans killings. The unsub has been in direct contact with the lead investigator of the case, Lt. William LaMontagne, Jr. of the NOPD, by letter detailing the murder and mentioning that he is continuing what he started pre-Katrina. William LaMontagne, Sr., the previous lead investigator before he died in Katrina, also received such letters with the earlier murders. Most records of the first three murders were destroyed in the hurricane, so the BAU have only the latest murders from which to work. The significance of one piece of evidence from the earlier cases is yet unknown, that being LaMontagne Sr.'s scrawling of the name Jones before he died. On another tact, Reid notices that the murders and the letters are reminiscent of a famous case: Jack the Ripper. As the BAU progress in the case, Morgan realizes that they have been incorrect in one important aspect of the unsub's profile. They figure the only way to catch the unsub is to patrol the streets of the French Quarter, looking for two people that fit the combination unsub/victim profiles. The path leads to an old case of LaMontagne Sr.'s and a falling out with his former partner. Meanwhile, Reid reconnects with a former FBI training colleague turned jazz musician, who lets Reid know that whatever problem he is facing has not gone unnoticed by his BAU colleagues. And J.J. leaves a little bit of herself behind in New Orleans before heading back to Quantico.

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