ansas City, Kansas Police Detective Cal McGee believes that street people in the city are being abducted and probably murdered. While others believe that the decrease in crime is due to his good work in getting the homeless off the street - he recently won a meritorious service award for doing such - he, with copious notes of those he sees on the streets, knows of sixty-three of those people whose whereabouts are no longer known. He also received a letter stating that the award was given to him without him doing any of the work. There is no official case so the BAU cannot get involved. While the rest of team work on putting together a profile of the unsub abductor, Hotch, with J.J. and on her urging, decides to go to Kansas City to at least speak to the KCPD about the detective's theory. This move is despite Hotch's feeling that Detective McGee is mentally unstable himself - he is displaying signs of obsessive-compulsive disorder. McGee's superior, Captain Wright, shows obvious disdain toward McGee (because of McGee's OCD) and the theory, about which he knew prior to Hotch's arrival. Regardless of the KCPD's view on the matter, J.J. finds a loophole that allows them to work on the case without the KCPD's invitation. Although the BAU believe that the unsub should be easy to spot in the neighborhood, they do have the added burden that those missing are unknown people except for what is written in McGee's notes.

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