iana and Grace manage to exorcise the demons out of Michelle, only to have Diana betray her by allowing the demons from the House of Shadows to enter her to give her all the dark power she wants. Soon, an apocalypse of Biblical proportions breaks out in Dante's Cove as people kill each other off, leading to all the participants to seek refuge at Griffen's estate now besieged by the possessed Diana. Grace tells Ambrosious that they must put aside their conflict and team up with their own Sun and Moon books to find a way to defeat Diana. Meanwhile, Adam and Toby are both imprisoned in a hell dimension by the Shadow forces of darkness, as Kevin tries rashly to confront Diana alone unaware that he is no match for the more powerful witch. As the final battle approaches, Michelle learns that she may be the only key to defeating the forces of darkness and bring back peace to Dante's Cove.

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