renda investigates the murder of a young woman who had just recently moved to Los Angeles. The crime was interrupted by the police who were answering a prowler call. They arrest a suspect, Chris Dunlap, who they find hiding up a tree, but he has already called his lawyer Philip Stroh and refuses to say anything. As they look deeper into the case, they realize that there have been a string of rapes of young blond women - mostly new arrivals - and in every case, Dunlap had made a delivery to their homes. Stroh has defended Dunlap before and offers to plea bargain this time around. In return for a lighter sentence, Dunlap will identify his partner in the crimes. He also wants to see all of the evidence they have accumulated. Brenda is dead set against both the deal and letting Stroh look at the evidence but she is overruled by the DA. When Dunlap identifies his partner, it throws everyone for a loop.

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