avid and Julia Peterson insist Kyle is their son Noah, missing since five years, and announce proof by DNA test, but Kyle isn't impressed, in fact as he discusses with Declan it's all at odds with what he knows about Kern and Adam. While pa has completely broken with religion, Josh had high expectations for church service as an opportunity to dress up for Ashleigh who is getting her Catholic confirmation, but gets a turn-off, while Kyle is instrumental in making Hillary find out Charlie has 'just sex' with her while his heart beats for Amanda, unfaithfully. Kyle pushes to get the truth from Foss, but is abducted with chloroform, which rekindles more memories; next Kyle saves Tom from the Company's sniper, and makes him tell the whole truth... Back with the Tragers, Kyle announces he remembers his Peterson past and is ready to rejoin them in Connecticut, the very next day. Only ma considers it the crowning of a professional success, everyone else is heartbroken to loose Kyle, Josh even too badly to stay around the last day.

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