yle is surprised by an e-mail from Latnoc and a visit from Amanda, who ditched her flight back to the New York conservatory and begs him to let her stay the night. Kyle literally offers her the shirt on his back and lets her sleep on his bare chest when she invites him to share the bathtub. In the morning both Trager kids find out when Kyle fails to sneak her out. During chores Lori gets Declan to help despite his leg injury and they both try to smuggle out the beer she stashed for a friend's party she's grounded from. Social worker Constance Berlinger turns up to check on former state ward Kyle's 'child welfare'; presumably sent by Amanda's mother. The whole family desperately tries to hide their 'innocent' secrets from her. Jessi barges in through Kyle's bedroom window, starts bickering jealously with Amanda and demands Kyle's exclusive attention after finding the jukebox record associated with her mother, which Brian denies putting in her room. Berlinger announces a mixed report, and makes a secret third one.

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