t Foss's instructions, Kyle trains himself at the Trager home in sensory deprivation, learning to enhance each sense to its maximal intensity. Thus he hears a break-in at Amanda's, rushes there in time to chase and nearly catch the hooded robber; only an antique golden heirloom charm bracelet was stolen, ma Bloom rudely throws him out before they have a chance to get closer again. They meet again at the precinct, to identify the suspect as Kyle drew the getaway car in detail, which fails visually, and he can't say anything when he recognizes the robber from his irregular heartbeat when leaving. When Emily sends unsuspecting 'spy' Jessi XX to Nicole, as her new counseling practice's first patient, Kyle and she both immediately sense an unusual presence. Lori makes it unnecessarily hard for Declan -and thus herself- when the dumpee comes pick up his things, but thus also meets Jesse- they are instantly interested. Overhearing Josh's video gaming friends, dad finds out the boy has been experimenting with marijuana- and soon realizes the weed came from his closet, a leftover from a Newyearsparty years ago, making both parents hypocrites badly placed to lecture, but then he tells about grandpa Trager, who was only good at drinking and belting, and yet taught him something. Kyle cleverly predicts where the robber will strike next, so he's arrested, but the junkie probably pawned the bracelet; in the pawnshop he discovers it was brought in by someone else... Meanwhile dad is headhunted for a firm he doesn't know, but we do.

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