revor helps track down Logan and Emmalin in 'wedding town' Dillon and convinces his mate to back down rather then see the general unleash the army's full wrath. In Iraq, Jeremy takes dad's word that his nightly meetings with a female officer weren't indecent and ma is the one who insisted on a separation. Denise is fired stat when the army hospital learns about her contract-breaching affair with corporal Riley 'Mac' McCadden. Even her friends are startled by her secretive adultery. Mac has decided to take his fiancée another chance. Trevor is shocked that ignorant Roxy carelessly ruined the car's motor. When the rumor reaches Iraq, Frank volunteers for a dangerous mission. Collin plays hardball, but is found out an impostor. Michael grimly allows Claudia-Joy to stay on the base with Emmalin, who refuses to move to Brussels, to finish the school-year.

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