enry is not pleased with Dmitry and his bodyguards who run his club the way they want. When Henry tries to call the police when he sees them beat up a patron they turn on him and beat him up and get their pit-bull to attack him also. Alex goes to see Dmitry but he refuses to negotiate leaving Alex no option but to go to Little Havana and enlist the help of known criminal Ramon to gain justice. Ellis Samuels enlists the help of Michael Bronson to follow Alex. Rebecca is beginning to hate all the plans being put in place by Isabel and Amalia for her wedding to Jamie and asks Jamie to elope with her. Pancho meets an Australian master blender, Terry Greenway, at the International Rum Awards and suggests to his family that he wants her to replace him as Master Blender of Duque Rum. Pancho also refuses chemotherapy when he finds out that his tumors haven't shrank. Meanwhile, Isabel miscarries her baby.

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