espite Peggy's less than friendly last encounter with Abe, the two begin a relationship following a chance social outing with Joyce. Stan can smell Peggy's resulting sexual energy. Unaware of Abe, Stan tries to exploit what he sees as Peggy's want for sex. And Trudy has gone into labor. But as Peggy states, when something good happens, something bad always happens. The bad is the rumor of Lucky Strike abandoning SCDP, which comes into the firm through the back door i.e. not from Roger, the one and only person in the firm dealing with that account. But once the rumor spreads amongst the partners, Roger does confirm the rumor but does whatever he can to hide the fact that he's known about Lucky Strike leaving for some time. The loss of this account potentially could mean the end of SCDP, especially if this news makes current and potential clients feel uncertain about SCPD's future. The partners try to put on a brave face to the staff, who are asked to be more diligent than ever with current accounts. This news has an affect on all staff, including in their personal life, and on Joan and Roger's relationship. Desperate times call for desperate measures as the partners try to exploit a grieving family, and Don tries to exploit a personal relationship. Despite Roger's denial of any wrongdoing with the account, he takes the brunt of the blame internally, which dampens the joy of a parcel waiting for him at home.

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