ane is trying to break ties with his homeland. That doesn't stop Rebecca from making friends for her and Lane with the Bakers, compatriots from England. Lane does however feel that he can take advantage of this friendship with Edwin Baker by bringing his company's business, Jaguar, into SCDP, as Jaguar is trying to enter the US market. Despite being the sole Brit in the office and thus the logical choice in his own mind to deal with a fellow Brit, Lane has no experience in account management. The process of Lane learning how to become an account manager and him being the reason SCDP gets Jaguar's almost seemingly surefire account makes Lane evaluate his professional life. Meanwhile, Pete is feeling restless in his marriage, one result from which is eying a high school senior in his driver's education class. Life at work is different as he feels he is gaining more power in the office. A small measure of that office power is being able to convince a reluctant Don and Megan to attend a small dinner party at his and Trudy's suburban home. Pete's issues and Lane's issues come to a meeting point, the resulting incident which excites those who are witness to it. Meanwhile, Ken is continuing his writing, which he is getting published under a pseudonym. Ken wants to keep this part of his life a secret from those at SCDP, which may be difficult to do as he confesses to Peggy, who sees him with a possible publisher, and as Cynthia is more than happy to divulge her husband's success at any opportunity. This writing may become a problem for Ken in his life at SCDP.

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