s Liam lies in a coma Lewis discovers that Whitby made a night visit to Millers'. He also discovers that Emma Barnes was pregnant by Whitby but miscarried. Lewis is anxious to locate Johnny,Liam's father,believed to be in Kosovo, but a call to Hathaway,who is on vacation there, leads to the discovery that Johnny,not Cornish,was the corpse who was switched. A ring which manufactures crystal meth abroad and smuggles it back to England in the corpses of dead ex-pats being shipped home to Britain is revealed and Miller is at its fore. Lewis believes Johny and Whitby died when about to expose the racket. As Liam awakes, Tara tells Lewis the truth including her husband's involvement whilst Cornish,having returned to Oxford,lights out again. The case solved Lewis shares a romantic evening with Laura.

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