eyond the shock of the news, everyone seems happy about Samantha being pregnant with Lenin's baby - everyone except for Barb. Barb believes Samantha is being irresponsible yet again. Erica is surprised by her mother's reaction, but she will have to understand that reaction after Dr. Tom tells her that her mother is her next patient. Erica thinks she knows why Barb is feeling the way she is, but Dr. Tom sends Erica back to 1969 and seventeen year old Barb's senior year in high school to get a true picture of what is bothering Barb in present day. What Erica finds out about seventeen year old Barb is something that she will have to process as it affects her personally. But she also has to figure out how to provide Barb with some guidance without divulging Barb's secret past. News of the baby brings up the baby issue between Erica and Adam for the first time as it relates to their future. And Dr. Tom runs into an old flame named Amanda Mathieson. As Tom buries himself in his work and contemplates not reconnecting with Amanda, Dr. Naadiah tries to convince him that Amanda has probably come back into his life for a reason important to him.

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