alfway through World War Two sensible Joyce, a war orphan with a husband in the R.A.F. and vain Nancy, a reluctant conscript, arrive at the village of Helmstead to work as land girls at Pasture Farm with Frederick Finch and his son Billy. Along with married Annie and her teenaged sister Bea - whom Annie has brought along following an incident back home - they are billeted at Hoxley Hall. Lady Ellen Hoxley, a haughty aristocrat, runs local war charities but her husband Lawrence, a wounded Great War hero, is kind and approachable, inviting everyone to his wife's charity dance. Bea befriends some black G.I.s and asks them along in contravention of a colour bar and is upset when they are refused entry. She gets drunk and allows herself to be used for sex by sneaky American corporal Cal Gillespie and then gets thrown out after trying to punch him. Nancy sets her sights at his Lordship and Lady Ellen is not amused.

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