t 02:15 one morning a Navy lieutenant (j.g.), Brian, with two gunshot wounds, in a car not his own, drives into a canyon from Mulholland Drive in Los Angeles, then dies; Callen and company, including Deeks, investigate; Deeks has a couple of awkward moments; the team pick up several clues about the circumstances of the preceding night, including Aubrey, a young socialite woman. Kensi and Deeks speak with Aubrey's stepfather. G, Kensi, and Deeks go nightclubbing; Kensi discovers an alive missing girl, and she says that a victim just became a suspect; the team meet several interesting people; Kensi decks one and cuffs him, and G pops another one; the team escort away Aubrey, who gives Kensi much useful information. Kensi and Aubrey go to the latter's home, where Kensi sees more clues, more people, and a part of a solution; Aubrey leaves, Kensi gets into trouble, and G, Sam, and Deeks ride to the rescue. The team finish putting together the pieces about the death and more.

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