aving successfully torched the warehouse containing the the Visitor's supply of R6, the Visitor security officer has already attacked Father Jack and is now after Erica. She also decides to try and recruit Kyle Hobbes, a soldier of fortune and weapons expert, who has is wanted by the FBI, to train them into a fighting force. Ryan is concerned about Valerie's pregnancy, particularly since Visitors and Humans were supposedly unable to procreate. Valerie is worried about the pregnancy and wants to see a doctor right away. Erica is worried about Tyler who is spending a night aboard the Visitors' spaceship. He is still enamored with them - and Lisa in particular - but it is clear that Anna is looking for something specific in his memories that will bind Tyler to them. Anna is also worried that Chad hasn't taken up their offer of treating his aneurysm and sets the wheels in motion to get him on their side. Anna also decides that they need soldiers immediately and since the Visitors' army won't arrive for some time, she decides to make one.

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