atherine and Billy are on a job, following a man to find out if he's seeing another woman. They catch him with her but suddenly someone shoots the man. Catherine and Billy get out and shoot at the shooter, the shooter shoots them both. Billy is in serious condition. Steve upon learning of this goes to the hospital and sees Catherine and she asks how's Billy? Steve tells her he died. She wants to find the one who killed him. So they go back to where it happened. But they find no sign of a shooting. Catherine sees that the place has been cleaned up. They find the woman who tells them she's someone he saw occasionally. They look at his computer and find out he's an industrial spy. So they talk to the man whom he works for and learns he had the place cleaned up to avoid being connected to the incident. But he denies having him killed. So they try to find out who wanted him dead. Steve asks Joe White to find his mother. And Adam decides to turn himself over to the ones pursuing him to get Kono out of danger.

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