iera visits her friend Elena's grave only to find that someone has removed her body. She assumes it has to have been taken by someone who knew she was from the future. She learns that an Agent Warren from Section 6 has already retrieved the two Liber8 bodies from the morgue and shipped them to an unknown destination. Meanwhile, Julian Randall's trial is set to begin. Kiera sees Sonya at the courthouse but she manages to get away. Kiera detects that one of the jurors is acting strangely and thinks Sonya may have gotten to him. Alec is upset when his mother lies on the witness stand. He's scheduled to testify the next day and must now choose between lying for his family or telling the truth. Jim Martin gets a visit from Travis who reminds him of what they expect from him when he becomes mayor. After spending the night with Alec, Emily receives a visitor. She's quite adept at taking care of herself.

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