ot knowing what life holds for them once they reach Los Angeles, Martin and Jake, on the run from the authorities, immediately meet Lucy Robbins, Amelia's mother, upon their arrival. Lucy has been looking for her daughter now for three years, and is encouraged by her meeting with Martin. However, their relationship may not be totally harmonious as Lucy will do anything to track down Amelia, who Martin tells Lucy he knows is alive, while Martin is cognizant that they cannot bring too much public attention to themselves as Aster Corps will also do anything to hide Amelia. Jake leads them to activities by Aster Corps and a young woman they are certain is Amelia. They also enlist the help of one of Martin's old reporter colleagues, Trevor Wilcox. What they all are initially unaware of is that a young man named Calvin Norburg is working on Amelia's sequence for Aster Corps, he who is beginning to reconsider his task. They are also unaware of a Spanish speaking man currently in Brussels working on his own task associated with the chosen thirty-six.

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