he charred remains of a boat washing up on shore persuades Steve to ask Hardy to take him seriously, but since Steve has a previous record for fraud, he is ignored though Hardy believes DNA on the boat will lead to Danny's killer. Olly finds evidence that newsagent Jack was tried for sex with a minor and Maggie finds a photo of Jack with his scout troop, assisted by one Elaine Jones, now calling herself Susan Wright, but Susan threatens Maggie to back off and seems to have a hold on Nige. Hardy goes for dinner with the Millers and the atmosphere softens but on returning to his hotel he collapses and Becca takes him to hospital though he is anxious nobody knows he is ill. Both he and Ellie are shocked to find that Karen has persuaded Beth to give an emotive story to her paper, as a result of which the national press flocks to Paul's memorial service for Danny. Ellie tells Hardy that evidence on the boat links to a child killing in the area where Jack once lived - as Jack burns all his incriminating photographs of juveniles.

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