om traces his American ancestry to Charles and Rebecca Chadwick, who came to England and had three children, Tom's great grandfather Harry, Victoria and Brian. Tom, Bea, Keith and Keith's Moldovan wife Luba head to a farm in Derbyshire to meet Tom's great uncle's son Graham, his boy Ronnie and Ronnie's wife Emma, who explain why their strand of the family are redheads. Graham and Keith instantly bond over their shared delight in the sitcom 'Move Along Please' but Tom is perturbed by Ronnie's odd sense of humour such as pretending to castrate a lamb. He is relieved to get a call from Al, his cousin in California, with whom he had left an answer-phone message, and with it an invitation to stay with Al and his wife Kitty. Zoo-keeper Pete meanwhile is tasked with mating two alpacas, an exercise which leaves him feeling broody.

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