he killer: social worker Charlie Monahan. The victim: Ken Leung, the deputy leader of the ruthless Golden Tiger Triad, the largest criminal organization in the city. The triad makes money in part through their illegal mah jong gambling den. Leung's bullet ridden dead body is discovered in his home, the murder weapon on the scene. His is only one of three concurrent homicides, Angie, Oscar and Brian each taking the lead on one of the three. The other two are Dr. Ronald Hanlon DDS, whose wife was away in Seattle receiving fertility treatments at the time of his death, and Andrew Gorman, a former juvenile delinquent who, according to his mother, was turning his life around. In the Leung murder, the detectives interview among others: Ken's brother, George Leung, the head of the triad who isn't speaking but who they know did not commit the murder; Teri Leung, Ken's estranged ex-wife who blames Ken for orchestrating their daughter being sent into foster care, the rationale being that if Ken could not have custody, neither would Teri; and Jessie Simon, one of the mah jong regulars who is in the hospital beaten up by Ken and his men for debts unpaid. Eventually, Betty is able to tie all three homicides together forensically, Angie further piecing together the probable rationale for Hanlon and Gorman's murders. That common bond and information from Jessie about "the tourist" at one of the mah jong games lead the detectives to Charlie. Although Charlie does explain his motive for killing Ken, he does not divulge the full extent of his plan. Meanwhile, Angie has so far not talked to threat assessment, despite Mark setting up the appointment for her. Her complacency in the matter may be short-lived.

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