osh's household is hosting Christmas lunch, the invitees including Mum, Dad, Mae, Grace and Hannah. Issues overseeing the meal include: the lack of ice in the house for the warm Christmas punch; Rose's need for validation about her traditional "hard as rock" shortbread; no one knowing besides Josh that Arnold is the reason there is no turkey gravy; no one knowing besides Rose of Hannah's self-physical harm in dealing with her current depression; whether Claire is truly hurt by being the only single at the table; whether Mae and Alan should stick to their parenting guns or keep the overall peace by dealing with Grace's crying; and who knows and doesn't know about Ben regardless of the fact that Josh doesn't want to talk about him. As many of these issues come to an uncomfortable head, it's one person who decides to take charge to deal with unspoken and thus long simmering feelings by eating some trifle.

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