dam, Sally and Watch are out helping clean up litter on the city streets when Ann walks up and tells them she's found a way to get Adam's mom back. She takes them to a remote place, and Adam speaks the spell with the raven's eye. But it seems to transform Spooksville into a desolate, burned-out place - with zombies walking around! The four kids must flee, and they decide to try to find out more at the library. There, they read about a war between "dark forces" and a certain "General" Laurel Hall - Adam's mom. Mr. Spiny is there, telling how the dark queen - Madeline - silenced all the other people years ago. The kids realize they've been transported into a parallel Springville in another realm. This world is all "silence and bones." Once again, the zombies chase them, until a Ninja jumps in and saves them. The kids flee again, and sadly find the grave of Adam's mom. Ann suggests they go to Shadowmere, where one of its many books on sorcery no doubt will help get them home. There, they encounter the Ninja figure again, and it's revealed to be... Adam's mom. And the spell manages to get them home - with a little help from Adam.

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