ally and Watch hear about a little boy who was swept to sea near a lighthouse, and they talk Adam into investigating with them. They go to the lighthouse and talk to the boy's older sister, who tells them about the old, bony hands that grabbed her brother and took him away. After some research via the quirky Mr. Spiny at the Springville Library, the trio goes inside the lighthouse and sees this ghostly figure firsthand, and then Sally and Watch find the little boy. He has a pendant that was given to him by his father, who just died. Turns out, the ghostly woman's son was also lost at sea, or so she thought. He really washed to shore with no memory and grew up to be this little boy's father, giving him the pendant. Once the ghost learns this, she's put at rest. We also learn a little more about what happened to Adam's mom - she vanished into thin air. Given the sequence at the diner at the beginning, this episode seems to precede the Halloween episode in production order.

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