he threesome are at Adam's house playing a board game (with a mini-guillotine!) when Adam's dad tells them to go take a hike - literally. As in, go outside and get some exercise. On their mountain hike, Watch finds a crystal that seems to grant wishes. He wishes to be able to eat anything. And he can. Back at Sally's house, she takes her turn and wishes for a duplicate of herself to do her chores. Then a robotic soldier shows up at her doorstep, saying he's collecting the debt for the wishes Watch and Sally made with the crystal. They either have to pay an exorbitant amount of currency or work off the debt in the mines of this creature's planet in another dimension. They flee to Adam's house, where the soldier follows them. Adam shoots it with a toy gun - and it takes the robot out! Adam's dad gets home and demands the truth from his son. Adam tells him how he believes his mom is trapped in some other dimension, and the key to finding her is here in Springville. Sally and Watch leave. The robot regenerates itself, and Adam runs to Watch's house. The robot follows, but then Sally works it so that her duplicate goes with the robot to his planet to work off their debt. Problem solved! But Adam's dad is so stunned by all of this that he packs up the car and takes Adam away from Spooksville. Sally snuck Adam her backpack with the crystal in it, so Adam makes the right wish - that they had never found the stone in the first place.

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